Happy or Sad?

Monday, November 08, 2004

Erm..recently alot of mine friends had been updating their

blog..so i thought maybe i will do the same..frankly speaking this

holiday is so boring.....i dun feel like going out...not tt im sad

like las time..but rather really DUN HAVE THE MOOD> go out alos

nothing to do..MOVIE TITLE sux....no1 wan to play pool....shopping

boring..wat can i do le? really wandering aimlessly in this holiday

except im forced to do mine FYP...haiz..

Las sat went to ktv with mine sec sch friends..erm..las time

pang seh them too much due to something..so i try to compensate by

going lar..erm the ktv was fun lar since it was our 1st time

today..but hor lot 1 kbox rm so small..and tiny..i wouldnt say it

is cosy lor..not long for mine whole body to lie..haahhaa tt day i

was also quite tired lar cos i sleep for 3 hrs only..anyway..its ok

lar..sleep less also wont die...........erm so now back to my

aimless life wondering wat would go on in future............

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Recently..i dun really feel like blotting..but i dun feel like letting my website go to

waste...so..here i am trying to figure something to blog=(...........erm....now i dun

really feel so upset about my project..maybe im used to it le ...haiz..wat else to say

le......for the past few days, i dun feel like doing anything.......not reading..not

watching tv.....not playing xbox even though it is back..i juz dun feel like doing

anything.......Y I BECOME LIKE THIS? i rather do something else so that i will not

be so bored......i wan to learn something new..but i juz not really..in the mood to

learn anything......this is really bad..but luckily i have found 2 "New" friends

lar........1st is mine sec sch friend whom i had not been in contact with for 2

YRS!......finally he contac mi directly after exam...such gd timing!...............haha he is

a friend whom i can talk anything with..a very insensitive and fun friend.........but las

time..we had our up and down...he sort of betrayed mi before..but

i also take advantage of him sometime..so we CHE PING lor..now we older and

sensible i dun really mind the past.....he is definitely 1 of my better friends whom i can

share mine inner woe .......another friend named M actually..i noe M for 1 yr..but we

didnt really communicate lar......but becos of some arrangment ..maybe its fate lar....i

get to communicate with M recently..and i really start to noe more about M..M is



glad to have such GREAT friend...........haha im not advertising M lar but..M is really

tt nice lar! In life what else can be better than finding friend who u can communicate

freely.....a friend whom u wan to share ur trouble and happiness with..........a person

who will be there to support u when ur life is not smooth........this is definitely better

than having alot of friend in which none is actually close to u..i cant really understand

y some ppls wan to make so many friends for wat..I have a friend like tt lor..i dun

understand his mindset lar. In life it is very fair and balanced..u win

some..next u will definitely lose some....but is shown in an very indirect way..but if u

look at the big picture uwill noe wat i mean..haha sorry to make it so

complicated.... in the past i complain about y im unable to communicate

with other..i now noe y le..maybe we are juz too different type of ppls..las time to

accomodate other..to make ppls feel comfortable..i will talk alot..but in the end i

really feel tt im forcing thing too much tt it become an 1 sided

conversation..maybe both of us juz dun have the affinity to communicate well..so

now..to make myself happy..i juz stick to ppls whom i can really communicate....and

not those..whom i thought i could communicate with but actually the opposite..i gues

this will really make mine life much more easier and stress free...........

Monday, October 25, 2004

Yoz so long time dun have the time to blog..haha sorry lar las few week had been

hell for mi...due to the exam ba....i only got 1 day to study for each module..and

each module so damned hardcore..really scared i will fail le............haiz lately i

have been staying at home..to explore my new phone....very fun le much better

than mine previous samsung v200..nice to c..but so boring ..no function 1..mine

present phone can listen to music..play java game..WATCH MTV (IM not

jking!).........take video cam...can even surf the net..but very expensive and time

consuming..u c lor..countless function..really worth every penny..but now i tink of

another sad thing...my FYP..i really very pissed lor..i hate my partner ..she sux big

time man..got alot of underlying reason ahh.............really le 1st time i really go

and hate ppls lor..becos in the pas i always thought making 1 more friend is much

better than making 1 more enemy..ya but this time i really cannot tahan le..she

really pissed the hell out of mi..although in front of her i act like heck care..but i

dun treat her as enemy but rather i ..will bochap her lor..dun noe wat have i

done to deserve all these!!!!!!!!!............i noe i pon alot of lesson and attachment

las sem...and she pon alot in the las previous sem..this doesnt give any reason for

us to be together.....so..a bad project topic plus worst partner in the world=im

fucked up!........................hey at least when exam time nearing..i will go study 1 le

and make sure dun fail any module..but she le...seriously i really feel insulted

doing with her man.................she always whine to the lecturer asking for more

time to do proj..so is she the only 1 who have to hand in...NONO! so she shld SHUT

THE FUCK UP............wat if she adopt..this attitude in our FYP!!!!!...whoa i tink

she already show some attitude already..do anything dun let mi noe..until las

min..she no time..or find it difficult to do becos too much..also neber take

initative to ask mi to do..hey it not like i waiting for her to ask mi to do..i ask her

everytime on how she is progressing..so tt the later part i can take over..everytime

she say neber finished..im the type who trust in mine partner and dun pressurise

them..even though she had a bad record las sem..but since some1 say she changed

for the better i believed in..it ..so this is the result i get...i REALLY learn mine

lesson ! so now i have to do everything myself..sometime i wonder..got partner

like dun have ..lor..haiz..this holiday is supposed to be a las memorable holiday

for mi...but now have to spend time..to do proj..i really blame myself......alot! y am

i so stupid?

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Lately dun noe out of the blue..im feeling so sad....haiz..yesterday went back to

sch....didnt manage to come to the morning class becos i was sick but i still

manage to get well enuff for the noon lesson........when i saw mine friends i

suddenly realise..im like nothing much to talk to them..they also nothing much to

talk to mi..i also like no mood to talk..this is definitely not the true mi..im

actually a person who like to talk and crap with friends..but yesterday i m like

different world from mine classmate..and there seem to be some sort of "gap"

between mi and them...........or maybe i shld revert back to las sem "me"..las sem

"me" always pon lesson and stay at home to play games..erm maybe u all tink

tt ..like tt confirm very boring..since i didnt maintain much contact with

classmates and always stay at home..but tt time i tink i dun have so much FAN

NAO.........and quite enjoy the my stay at home as i immersed myself in the games

tt i play..and shows i watch but at times i still felt tt i need some1 to talk to..but i

still manage to cope being by myself only..but this sem..although now i maintain

alot of contact with mine classmate and mine sec sch mates..i still felt something

lacking..im not sure wat issit..but i can say lar im definitely happier in this sem

than las sem..but now...maybe becos im at attachment alone most of the time..and

once im left alone hor..i will be like revert back to the shy shy..quiet..nothing to

talk much person..and it will certainly took mi a long while for mi to beome

comfortable and talk alot..and i had the bad feeling tt..some1 in class dun wan to

talk to mi..tink i offend quite alot of ppls..that's juz mine instinct..but i really had

the strong feeling..hope all these negative feelling will disappear after

exams..sorry lar to write so many sad things again..but my life is juz like

this .................

Saturday, September 25, 2004

My Future HP Posted by Hello

Erm today topic will not be much on today activities ..but i will briefly explain

what i have done today..wake up at 9..then surf some net and had to went back to

NUH for project..everything go quite smoothly..except tt the stupid red cell

washing machine delay mine departure by 30 mins..anyway as long can finish this

longy prac im happy already.. All this while..i had been thinking about alot of

things..for example communication..i find it really hard to communicate with

ppls nowaday..las time in sec sch..talking is really easy and relaxing..i juz talk

wat's come to mind..we talk we joke about anything under the sun..but now

presently..i find talking quite a chore..most often than not i have to tink of wat to

talk 1st..perhaps las time becos i always hang with guys and now is the direct

opp..face mostly gals now..but i dun tink tt is the major reason..NOW im seriously

tinking....could it be im much more sensitive now????..........for example las time

in sec sch i tink i will talk non- stop for 2 hr crapping alot..when i talk i will tink

of alot of factor juding the way the person look(does he/she look bored or wat)

him/her type of response..are we having a 1 sided talking conversation..does i talk

and behave too immaturely....all these will definitely linger around mine head

when im talking..most often than not i will wait for other ppls to initate the

conversation now..perhap im not a very confident person..or issit becos mine

class ppls too passive...all waiting for some1 to initate the conversation..i find

this type of conversation and interacting very tiring

le..seriously speaking abit sick of all these..maybe we are all too different ppls

each with diff hobby?..maybe they dun like talking to mi?..maybe becos we dun c

each other too much so nothing to talk?.....there 's tons and tons of

possibilty............and by the time i figured out all the possibilities i will be brain

dead..AM i really making life too hard for mi? how i wish im a simple person..no

need to tink so much..maybe im too

sensitive to wat ppls tink of mi....HOW I WISH i could go back to secondary

school times when that 's the most orginal and natural mi..maybe i will find out

the answer in the near future....................or shld i seriously considering going to

some classes for effective communication or issit time for mi to change my

personality..hope i can get some guidance soon................................

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Today is such a fine day tt i overslept........wake up at 7am..whoa how the hell can i get

to pasir ris polyclinic without being late..so as a result.....i was late for 1 hr..but luckily

the staff there didnt reproach mi..erm i feel so bad and ashamed..today quite a bad

day..dun noe whether i cannot concentrate or im feeling tired..missed a couple of

veins..but the staff there keep asking mi to try more to gain more experience ..i felt

so.....welcomed and comfortable there......today 1st time taking baby blood..hah not

very enjoyable le hearing the baby orr..ei......orr ei...haha pretty cruel rite..went to

tampines mall for lunch..i really tink hor..tampines mall is the best shopping mall in

singapore..excluding shopping centre in orchard lar...tampine mall had alot of

shop..levi..breadtalk..fish and co..lots lots more..........too bad i only had like 2o mins

to shop there hehe..and hor as a result went back to the lab late at 2.30pm..and

mostly do bloodtaking..and as usual leave home at 4.30..today i take another route

home..instead of taking "2h" 67 ..i take 969 to woodland terminal then take 187

home..pretty troublesome rite..but well take shorter time mah..

The feeling at pasir ris so far had been great........but pretty contradicting..i like the

idea of wandering around the new area..exploring each part of it..can go to tampines

mall ahh..white sand and simei...so much freedom..but on the other hand hope

there's another gd friend with mi to enjoy the exploring ..which shld be pretty exciting

hehe..well i gotta go to sleep now..or else tomolo be late again........

Sunday, September 19, 2004

It had been a few days since i wrote my last blog msg..erm i shall summarise wat i

have done for the last 3 days..on friday..i was posted to pasir ris polyclinic for the

1st time..i went out at 6am..take 1 bus to woodland terminal...take another bus to

tampines terminal..then take mrt to pasir ris to pasir ris terminal then take

another bus and finally reached the polyclinic..In the end i reached there at 8.15

(LATE!).........the lab was located in the third storey...my 1st impression..was the

NHG was bigger than jurong polyclinic..very pleasant looking and new..at tt time

there are quite a number of patients in the lab already..i report to the

supervisor..then asked to do some bloodtaking and ECG.....during lunch time i

went downstair to the neighbourhood to eat..actually i wan to buy some food and

bring back to the lab to eat..in the end i was locked out and have to sit outside the

lab....(look stupid lor and the place was dark).......afternoon time..not many

patients..and the lab staff took time to teach mi new stuff...actually a lot of things

are already learnt in SGH..ohh well..haha......then i make my way home..las time

my friend told mi neber to take 67 from tampines to cck..but i neber believe..now i

do..i nearly puke lor...the whole ride took about 2hr..and the glass window was

dot tainted..so cannot even c outside clearly..feel quite sick..so mine whole day

bus journey took about 4 hrs..hahaha............

On SAT..nothing worth mentioning..except i went to my father shop to help

out..and GOT a new converse bag..really nice looking..not too big or small..but the

drawback was its quite girly lor..hehe..

on SUNDAY......haiz..actually we had a grp of 5 sunday sentosa trip..but sat 1 of

them suddenly not going..then suddenly had a bad feeling then another will not

be going..then on sunday itself..i prepare myself everything for the trip(ready to

set off le)..then unfortunately...received the bad news that she was unwell to

go..weep!...so now left only 1 gal 2 guy...in the end the gal also didnt go..then the

other guy(organiser) ask mi whether i still wan to go..erm in the end i still

accompany him becos he need to buy something..then sitting in the bus 188 to

haberfront...a grp of gals talking happily on wat they going to do in sentosa..then i

was like...tink u noe how i feel............in the end 2 of us had a really nice chat

together when we taking our breakfast at mac...then we went shopping lor...about

2 hrs also...and reached home at 2.50 ..definitely much earlier than wat i

expect...erm..ya i admit initally i was so so disappointed .....and sad..that all

these happen..but after the chat and shopping ..i feel much much better..but a bit

of disappointment was still unavoidable..the other guy feel much worse lor..since

he is the organiser and this is the worst thing that can happen to an outing

trip..nvm lar..1st time going out and having a nice talk with him make us feel

more closer lor..since for the past 1 yr..neber really sit down and have a close chat

with him..............and i understand his disappointment........oh well i comfort

myself there always a next time..i hope tomolo can hear some rumour (gd news )

on..no need to go back to pasir ris polyclinic for attachment..although the staff

there nice to mi but the long distance taking a toll on mi..and hope to have a nice

rest on wed..so..wish mi gd luck tomolo(will noe whether rumour true or not


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