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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Haiz here i am at 2 .35pm in the afternoon..blogging yet again...haiz..so boring..the past 2 days had been too tiring for mi that i dun even have the time to sit down and tink of the future..haha u all confirm will say that think so much for wat..but to mi i juz LOVE TO PLAN FOR the future..maybe becos im not feeling "secure". I dun wan to start the "Im typical taurus so i muz act this way" hahaha......erm..today i managed to wake up at 10.30..wash up..eat and then sleep again at 11.30...haha do i resemble a pig...haha maybe im one in previous life..haha im a buddhist believer..so i do believe in incarnation..haha enuff of the buddhism talk..sure will bore the hell of other ppls..ok..i sleep until around 12.45pm and realise i cant sleep anymore..so i went to flip the tv remote control..wow..i saw the olympic..USA basketball ..erm actually i love to watch basketball so much that i shld be excited about this match..but frankly speaking im not watching lor..BECOS I ALREADY KNOW THE RESULT..That 's the problem with watching sport channel in spore..becos most of them not live(dun include SCV channel). Somemore i tink the number of channels in spore is the lowest among the world..as compared to other countries like china and taiwan who have over 50 channels.....And i hate to watch losing match...dun noe y..maybe im cursed...everytime i watch live..mine favourite team lose..so wat do i do..i will tape everything down..then i check the result first..if team i support win..i will go and watch it lor..if not..i will erase it straight away..hehe..Ya in this case today...USA lose!!!!!!!!......How can they lose again.......USA team represented by the NBA had not LOST IN 12 YEARS le..and talking of the past..the dreamteam usa..used to thrash everyopponent by aver age of 40 points...HEY IM NOT EXAGGERATING..........ITS TRUE!.............In the end i watch a bit..and shut down the tv and come back here to mine favourite place(behind the com using it)..ya now the com held number 1 ranking in mine heart now..i had deserted mine xbox for like 2 weeks...and PS2..haha collecting dust in mine cupboard.......Sometime at home i really dun noe wat to do ..le maybe i stay at home too much..go out also nowhere to go..........AND i have like rejected mine friend invitation to play basketball for like..llet mi count..ehh...too many le.. about 50 times..which mean i have not PLAYED basketball for almost 2 yrs..DUN ask mi y i didnt join them playing..i tink i gonna use the same excuse haha..."NO MOOD"..but its true lar..erm later have to go out buy some pants lor..for tomolo purpose..i have like almost 3 yrs neber go to sentosa..and tomolo is a perfect opportunity to go there lor..if..the sun dun burn mi....the rain dun haunt mi..the seawater dun flood mi..mine legs dun abandon mi.........Hope i really enjoy it tomolo........erm..initally today i wan to flip through all mine past photo album lor..and refresh all the memories..of past years..and its's like alot of things happen in this week...like i found mine kindergarden friend..hehe..alot of things to study for test...going to the museum to c painting( i not so artistic)..eating at an indian resturant..this week kinda of interesting for mi as compared to the past weeks..and plus tomolo...sunday trip to sentosa..hehe..and OF COS the birth of mine naggy, whinning, long-winded..unperfected english writing, lame, non-humourous blog..i juz dont have the talent to write well lar..hehe..but i really muz once again thanks those whu took the effort to read all of these..lor..haha..now i gotta go out buy something le..and have to go to mine father shop..too bad there is no outing today..nvm lar..the time at mine father shop is really slow crawling..hahah..no choice ..mah..been working there since primary 4..but before i go lar..i tink of something quite interesting which happen yesterday...i went to the sgh toilet..and while i was releasing water( i guess u noe wat tt mean hahahaha)...suddenly a person sing indian song..which almost shock and frighten mi..hehe..and the worst thing is hor..that person is a chinese..haha actually not very funny juz wan to share with u all..ok le..i gottta go..maybe i got another historic=long assay tonite depend ba.............
PART 2( nitetime)
Finally i bought a short in 10 mins time..im always a quick buyer..dun like to drag haha..i guesss all guys's style like tt..and i quickly make mine way to mine father shop quickly..when i reached..mine mother was quite surprised to see mi..haha (guess im a lazy guy who dun turn up there frequently)..and she was laughing...then she point at mine legs..whoa i juz realise tt i have worn 1 leg blue slipper..and the other leg black slipper..hahahaha...so funny today...and i have to wear it for the rest of the day...for a total for 5!! hours........finally the shop close at 10pm..i finally able to head home again..YEAH!.......................tonite not much things..erm..maybe a bit excited about tomolo trip ..hehe..ok i go and flip through mine collection of photo le...........hope i will have a nice dream today.............

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